P & Asoc. Abogados
P & Asoc. Abogados P & Asoc. Abogados

» Excellence: we constantly take update courses in the several branches of the law we deal with.
» Confidentiality: we keep all queries confidential.
» Dedication: we devote ourselves to the study of each subject matter, as the case may require.
Honesty and commitment: we watch over every client’s interests, keep them undisclosed, and aim at enduring a trust-based relationship.

We study each case in depth and make a timely analysis of any eventual risks involved in order to outline a strategy that allows us to reach a solution that best protects the interests of our clients.

Av. Corrientes 222 Piso 14, (1356) Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tel: (54 11) 5555 1485 - Cel: (54 11) 3756 5325 - Fax: (54 11) 5555 7380 - Email: info@epintos.com.ar
All of our associate lawyers are members of the Buenos Aires Bar Association